Planet Post Printables

Looking for a way to keep up your eco-activism while we’re all spending more time at home?

Introducing: Planet Post Printables.

Each month you’ll get a digital download packet that introduces a specific environmental issue, explains the background and implications with clear infographics, then walks you through writing postcards to your Representatives or company CEOs. The missions are designed to be sequential, so that your knowledge about the environment builds on itself with each campaign.

BONUS: Every subscription order comes with a free mission addressing our current crisis. The Green Stimulus campaign will show the connections between virus spread, climate change, and economic inequity. It’s crucial that our recovery is NOT a return to the status quo.


  • links to short video(s) illustrating the issue
  • links to the vetted research used (for a deeper dive)
  • company addresses, or links to your representatives' addresses
  • a "green tip" for more eco-friendliness in daily life
  • a 6 month campaign tracker printout

Green Stimulus


3 Months

6 Months